Skye Avenue Kitchen & Lounge - where our passion for exquisite cuisine blends with our appreciation for diverse whiskies from around the globe.

A large part of our inspiration for Skye Avenue Kitchen & Lounge comes from our love of whisky, and our inspiration for the name comes from the Isle of Skye, a revered whisky region in Scotland known for its distinctive, flavorful spirits.

Guided by this inspiration and drawing from the cuisines of major whisky-producing regions of the world, we started on the journey of Skye Avenue Kitchen & Lounge.

And this journey made us wonder: What really defines Canadian cuisine? To us, it's a colourful mix of foods from different regions. This mix has influenced our Chef, helping create what we now proudly call modern Canadian cuisine.

As you learn more about us and try our ever-expanding menu of modern Canadian dishes, you'll notice how we took ideas from all around the world to make our food special.

At Skye Avenue Kitchen & Lounge, dining is about gathering with family and friends, relishing exceptional cuisine, and sharing connections that unite us. We invite you to discover and share in our love of great food, whiskey, wine, and the creation of memorable experiences!

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Our People
Valerio Pescetelli

"Valerio Pescetelli was born and raised in Rome. After his culinary academy training in Italy, he left his hometown and moved to London where he honed his culinary skills working at different dining establishments such as Orso and, most notably, Chef Gordon Ramsay’s Michelin starred Savoy Grill. Later, Valerio moved to Peru, where he opened a Peruvian steakhouse in Lima. He immigrated to Canada in 2015 to join Rogers Arena NHL Team where he oversaw their five premium restaurants. Valerio opened and operated other unique “Michelin” styled establishments in Vancouver including Per se Social Corner, Aquafarina, and The Victor Steakhouse. Most recently, he was overseeing the collection at Kitchen Table Restaurants. Valerio brings his affinity for creating fine dining experiences to you at SKYE." ....   Read More

Valerio Pescetelli
Executive Chef
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We love what we do and we love the people we do it with. At SKYE we believe in creating a workplace where everyone feels welcome, supported and valued.



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